Antipasto Tray for 2



  • Fresh Basil leaves should be rolled for caprese skewer


  1. Prosciutto (Qty: 2 oz.)
    Product Spec: Sliced 1/8 inch
    Packaging Procedure: Wrap both trays in single layer cling wrap and heat shrink
  2. Salami (Qty: 2 oz.)
  3. Sopresseta Grande or Similar Italian Meat (Qty: 2 oz.)
    Product Spec: Meat cut in half
  4. Caprese Skewer with Cillegine Mozzarella or Cut Cubes and Grape Tomatoes (Qty: 2 ea.)
  5. Cheese Sliced: Parmesan, Pecorino or Asiago (Qty: 4 ea.)
    Product Spec: Triangle Cut
  6. Pepper, Pitted Olives, Cornichon or Sweet Gherkin (Qty: 3 oz.)
    Packaging Procedure: Ramekin, no lid necessary
  7. Grilled Portobello Slices, Marinated Roasted Peppers, Artichoke Hearts (Qty: 2 ea.)
  8. Balsamic Reduction (Glaze) (Qty: 1 oz.)
    Packaging Procedure: Ramekin with Lid
  9. Ti Leaf Garnish (Qty: 2 ea.)
  10. Herbed Crostini with Olive Oil and Sliced Baguette (Qty: 8 ea.)
    Product Spec: Sliced

1 Medium Tray
2 – 2 oz. Ramekins
1 – 5 inch Samurai Tray