Special Event Gift Basket



  • Grapes are to be packed in a small bowl
  • Champagne flutes are wrapped in linen-like napkins


  1. Greeting Card (Qty: 1 ea.)
    Product Spec: Event Appropriate – Birthday, Anniversary, etc.
    Packaging Procedure: Package as shown and overwrap
  2. Godiva Chocolate Bars: 75% Dark Cocoa or above (Qty: 2 ea.)
  3. Champagne or Champagne Method (Qty: 375ml.)
    Product Spec: 1⁄2 Bottle of Champagne
  4. Champagne Flutes (Glasses) (Qty: 2 ea.)
    Product Spec: Wrap in Linen Like Napkins
  5. Grapes – Large Bunch (Qty: 1 ea.)
    Product Spec: Washed and Dried
  6. Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Qty: 2 ea.)
    Product Spec: Dark and White Chocolate
  7. Chocolate Covered Pretzels(Qty: 8 ea.)
    Product Spec: Flipz Brand or Similar
  8. White Chocolate Covered Pretzels (Qty: 8 ea.)
    Product Spec: Flipz Brand or Similar
  9. Ruskus Garnish (Qty: 1 ea.)

1 ea. Willow Basket: Lined with Linen Like Napkin
2 ea. Cellophane/Polypropylene Portion Bags