Sliced Deli Meat and Cheese Tray for 2

Gluten free option: Replace Rolls with Rice Crackers


  1. Artisan Rolls (Qty: 4 ea.)
    Product Spec: Ciabatta, Focaccia etc
    Packaging Procedure: Wrap tray in single layer cling wrap and heat shrink
  2. 2-3 Varieties of Sliced and Folded Meat: May include chicken, ham and turkey (Qty: 10 oz.)
    Product Spec: Minimally Processed: Deli Sliced, Boars Head, Dietz and
    Watson or similar quality
  3. Cheese Portions, 2 Varieties, Choice of Cheddar, Swiss, Muenster or Provolone (Qty: 2 oz.)
    Product Spec: Slice in half and shingle
  4. Mustard (Qty: 2 ea.)
    Product Spec: Individual Jar, Grey Poupon or similar
  5. Mayonnaise (Qty: 2 ea.)
    Product Spec: Individual Jar, Hellman’s or similar
  6. Cornichons or Gherkins (Qty: 2 ea.)
    Product Spec: In ramekin
  7. Tomato Slices (Qty: 4 ea.)
    Product Spec: In ramekin
  8. Leaf Lettuce, Green Leaf (Qty: 4 ea.)
  9. Ti or Banana Leaves (Qty: 1 ea.)

1 Medium Tray
1 – 2 oz. Ramekin

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